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The Napoleon is a very special and unique cat.  The Napoleon has it’s own Breed Group.  
The cats that make up the Napoleon Breed Group are the NPSS (STANDARD Short Hair
Napoleon), NPSL (STANDARD Long Hair Napoleon), NPNS (NON-STANDARD Short Hair
Napoleon), and the NPNL (NON-STANDARD Long Hair Napoleon).  It is a Hybrid, which
means it is the result of a breeding between two different breeds.  Those two breeds are
the Munchkin Breed Group and the Persian, Himalayan, Exotic Short Hair and Exotic Long
Hair.  The cats included in the Munchkin Breed Group are the MK (Shorthair Munchkin)
and MKL (Long Hair Munchkin).  In all Hybrid Breeds there is what is called an "acceptable
outcross” list.  These are the cats that you can use in your breeding program that result in
that particular Breed.  The acceptable outcrosses for the Napoleon Breed are the Breeds
listed above.  Any cats outside of these groups are considered either an “unknown” or an
“unacceptable outcross” when used in a Napoleon breeding program.  An "unknown"
means you do not know the pedigree of the cat.  An "unacceptable outcross" means the
cat is a recognized breed OTHER than those accepted for the Napoleon breeding program.

An example would be if you were breeding Beagles, then decided to breed a Cocker
Spaniel into the mix, the puppies would not be Purebred Beagles, even if they look just
like Beagles, do you think they would hunt like a Beagle?  I do not.  So, if you breed a
Siamese to a Napoleon, the kittens are not going to be Purebred Napoleons.  They may
look like one, but the chances are they are not going to act like one.  Rather than the
sweet, playful nature of the Purebred Napoleon, you could end up with the aloof, nature of
the Siamese.

The Napoleons are in Provisional status with CFF and hopefully will advance to
Championship status in 2016.  And certain rules apply to each Breed's Registration.  There
are rules that allow you to breed outside of the Breed Group and register the kittens as
Napoleons, but these kittens are identified with a number in their Registration Code
Number indicating something outside of the acceptable outcrosses.  Having three
generations of acceptable outcrosses – or what I call a "Purebred", which means a
Pedigreed Napoleon.  Because the Napoleon is a Hybrid Breed, many people say it cannot
be a Purebred, but that simply is not true.  An animal that is a Purebred simply means that
a lot of time, effort, money, and love went into each breeding decision and that only
Purebred animals were used within the accepted breeding program.  Eventually,
Napoleons may not need the use of the parent breeds.  What that means is that you will
see more and more programs using ONLY Napoleons.  And once that happens, eventually
a "Purebred" Napoleon will be a true "Purebred" Breed.  That is what we are breeding
towards here at ResQMe Farms Cattery!

Because the Napoleon has advanced to Showable status, there are many breeders out
there with cats that do not have proper numbers.  That does not mean there is anything
wrong with their cats.  If it is a reputable breeder that sells healthy, well-socialized, sweet
temperamented kittens, and you are looking for a companion pet, then purchasing one of
their kittens might be the perfect fit for you.

There is another group of breeders that purposely breed outside of the acceptable
outcrosses.  Some with very good reasons, others – not so much.  A longtime experienced
breeder will often breed something into their line to get a certain look or color they like.  
They are willing to keep a kitten from this breeding, wait a year to breed the kitten, keep
another kitten, and so on, until they have bred down the three generations back to
Pedigreed Napoleons and have kept the look or color they were going for.  This is perfectly
acceptable and each breeder’s prerogative.  

There are breeders that will breed ANYTHING into their program to experiment to see what
they will get.  This is not acceptable at this level of the Napoleon’s development.  New
Hybrid breeds must go through an Experimental stage, where that is acceptable, and the
cat is registered as “Experimental”.  The Napoleons passed that stage many years ago and
we do not want to go back.  These breeders feel it is alright to breed strays, house cats,
barn cats, even pound cats into their lines.  Along with those cats can come disease,
structural deformities, and inbreeding.  These breeders will also experiment with other
registered breeds, such as the Scottish Fold or Maine Coons in their programs.  This can
lead to health issues inherent in those other breeds.  None of these breedings will give you
a cat with the temperament of the Purebred Napoleon.  Much as if you bred these types of
dogs into your Beagle program, you certainly will not get a Purebred Pedigreed Beagle and
to expect these progeny to hunt like one is silly.

Do your homework prior to purchasing a Napoleon and make certain your purchase is an
informed one.  The Napoleon is more than a “look”.  It is a very healthy and temperament
specific cat that is the direct result of it’s very own acceptable outcrosses.

It is my intent to educate the public by every venue possible – this website, social media
sites, advertising venues, and Cat Shows to encourage everyone to ask questions of every
Napoleon Breeder you meet if their cat has three generations of acceptable outcrosses in
it's immediate pedigree and if not, why not.  If you get a reasonable response and are
informed and still want to purchase a cat from them, by all means do so.  Just know that
there is a very large group of breeders that want to see this cat advanced and furthered
and to do so, they ONLY use the acceptable outcrosses for health, temperament, quality,
beauty, and dignity.

Those interested in purchasing a Napoleon should be wary that they are not spending
thousands of dollars on a cat someone picked up from an animal shelter or an animal the
breeder is experimenting with and registered it as a Napoleon! The breeders that condone
this type of breeding should be avoided.  If you are interested in avoiding these breeders,
feel free to call us and we will be happy to inform you of the breeders that we know use
only acceptable cats in their breeding programs.

ResQMe Farms will not sell any cats into breeding programs that will use unacceptable
outcrosses. That clause will be clearly stated in my contract. I have always been a bit
frustrated with contract clauses from some Persian breeders.  Now, I absolutely
understand why they have them. They are protecting their cats and their cattery reputation
from breeders that cannot or will not meet their minimum expectations for their cat breed.  
I will not have my cattery name sullied or associated with any program that does this or
even condones it.  It would simply break my heart to have any of my cats bred like that.

A Pedigreed Napoleon is an exceptionally healthy, uniquely temperamented, beautiful cat
with the dignity of generations of careful breeding behind it.  Do not accept anything less.

I would like to add that no one I know has done more rescue work than my family.  Every
animal deserves a loving home.  However, that does not mean that they should be bred.  
Every shelter requires their animals to be altered prior to or directly after being adopted.  
That rule is to help decrease the number of strays and unwanted animals roaming the
streets hungry and sick AND to ensure diseased animals do not pass on their diseases to
their young.  Help ensure this does not happen to the Napoleon Breed.  Demand to see a
three generation pedigree prior to purchase and steer clear of breeders that cannot give
you a reasonable explanation regarding cats outside of the acceptable outcrosses in that

Rest assured that ResQMe Farms will continue to breed registered Napoleons working
towards the best health, best temperament, highest quality, and beyond beautiful
regardless of the politics associated with the cat registries involved!
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