Rue is a Silver Shaded Tortie Harlequin (mostly white) Long Haired Standard Napoleon.  She has lovely round gold eyes with
a circle of emerald green inside the gold.  Rue was born here out of Monet and VanGogh and was kept for our breeding
program since we decided to retire Monet from breeding.  Rue is pretty much a small replica of her mother in her coloring,
except where Monet had a large red spot on her side, Rue's spot is silver.  She is nice and round all over.   She has a
gorgeous coat that we look for in Napoleons.  Nice and full, but easily maintained.  She is very affectionate and playful.  Rue
has a stick that she tore all of the feathers off of that still has it's bell attached.  She will not go to sleep without it and we
have spent many a night searching our home for 'Sleepytime Stick' with her crying loudly until it is found.  She then drags it
up the stairs to our bed and curls around it and promptly falls asleep.  It isn't very comfortable for my husband and I, but
we've learned to live with it.  We certainly can't sleep without it because she won't and loudly complains until it is found!

Rue's name is an homage to our Breed.  We consider ResQMe Farms to indeed be Napoleon Street!  Rue and Bella run and
chase each other all over the house.  The Munchkin temperament is strong in Rue and she still acts like a three month old
kitten at seven months old.  She loves anything with feathers on it and destroys as many feather toys as we are willing to
buy for her.  Teaching her to destroy her toys rather than our furniture is important for kittens and we are happy to say that
she is a very intelligent kitty and while she might make a mess jumping and playing, she is not destructive, except with her
feathers!  My grandsons have hours of fun playing with the laser light with her and snuggling with her.

Rue has finally reached maturity.  She has settled down quite a bit, which my paperwork and niknaks are grateful for.  We
will be breeding her to DeLite and expect great things from this pairing.  We are hoping that Rue will enjoy being a mom.  I
suspect she will have the perfect personality for it.  She is very protective and loving.  But, most importantly, she is healthy
and strong with a great pedigree of healthy cats behind her.  It is very important to us that our cats be happy in their role,
whatever that may be - as pets, breeders, or being exhibited.  Rue is not perfect for Showing, but her assets as a breeder far
outweigh her faults as a Show cat.  If she is happy in her role as a mother, we hope to get numerous wonderful litters out of
her over her breeding life time.
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