We are Rob and Peg Chenault and we welcome you to our site and
our lives.  We inherited this lovely family home, that my great-
grandfather built for his new bride in 1908.  My grandparents
practically raised myself and my siblings in this home.  My parents
built a home right next door, but this is the home I consider my
touchstone.  When we decided to take on the monumental task of
renovation and remodel of this home, we soon found that while we
could get contractors to do some of the heavy lifting - like the new
roof, siding, leveling, and running new water and sewer lines, it was
up to us to do most of the interior work ourselves.  I am apparently
too particular to detail for contractors!  So, my dear and talented
husband, known by one and all as "Poor Rob" must trudge through
his retirement perfecting my home for me.  We started in 2006 and
regardless of the progress we make, I now believe we will never
finish.  My Dad said I like to change things too much!  I guess he's
right.  I want it to be a home that my great- grandparents, my
grandparents, my parents, my siblings, and all of our children would
recognize as home, but with all of the modern conveniences that
make me happy! :)

We have six children and eight grandchildren.  They live all over the
country.  We have Bella, our Maltese, who is spoiled beyond repair
and who has more clothes than I do.  She is a diva and loves to be
groomed and pampered and dressed up in pretty clothes.  She also
loves to go on our boat with us and swim with us in the river and

That brings us to our cats.  In early 2005 I decided I wanted a new
Persian kitten.  As I researched cats for at least a year on the Internet,
I ran across the dwarf breeds of Munchkins and Napoleons and fell
instantly in love.  I had to have some.  I studied and researched and
decided that what I wanted to do with my retirement was breed cats.  I
went into it full speed ahead and along the way discovered that it was
a way to help with our passion for animal rescue.  We had a farm out
in the country that we named ResQMe Farms.  It seemed fitting to
keep the name for our cattery!  Over the years prior to moving here
we rescued countless dogs and cats (and other critters), vetted them,
and found them homes.  After opening my cattery, I found myself
constantly rescuing cats and vetting them and finding them homes.  I
stopped counting after placing over 30 cats, above and beyond my
breeding program.  After breeding about a year or so, I discovered my
true love was the Napoleon.  I had never before or since come across
a cat so unique in health, personality, and beauty, not to mention
dignity!  I started gearing my program toward the sole breeding of the
Napoleon.  Then in 2009, I met Margie Gardner of Creator's Cattery in
GA.  She asked me to become involved in advancing the breed
through the cat registry, TICA, so that they could compete in the
Show Ring.  That became a wild ride!  The Napoleons are in the Show
Halls and ResQMe Farms cats are being Shown and making us
proud.  Unfortunately, politics being what they are...  TICA took away
our name.  This will not affect our goals of continuing to produce
Show Quality Napoleons.  It just meant we had to find a new registry
for our Napoleons.  We now have a wonderful new home with CFF and
are very happy there.  The Napoleons have been advanced to
Championship status and will be Shown in Championship starting May
1, 2016.  We are so proud that we found a home with CFF that has
allowed us to continue our efforts to promote the Napoleon!!!

It is important to note that ResQMe Farms is a Hobby Breeding
program.  You can read all about this on our Purchasing Info Page.  It
basically means that we breed in the furtherance, betterment, and for
the advancement of the Napoleon Cat Breed, rather than for profit.  
The prices of our Napoleons are comparable with other Napoleon
breeders and other rare Pedigreed cats.  If we break even at the end
of the year it is a good year!  A profit at the end of the year would be
really nice, but is not our goal and so far not a reality.

My new goals are not so much oriented to just breeding cats as it is
to protecting the Napoleon Breed and seeing them flourish.  And with
a few excellent breeders living here in our home, I can enjoy a few
litters of kittens a year, provide my clients with some healthy,
beautiful kittens with that famous Napoleon temperament, on a much
smaller basis, and produce some Show Quality kittens.  So, we hope
you follow us on our new journey with CFF and watch as we take our
cattery breeding program and scale it down to an enjoyable hobby.  
And watch for our litters because we expect to have the most
beautiful and healthy Napoleon kittens to offer you over the next few
years if this all works out for us.  Thank you to all of our loyal past
clients and welcome to our new clients.
Our Maltese.  She spends her time
making us happy, being happy, playing
with our cats and making them happy,
and in general being the most spoiled
and happiest dog on the planet!
ResQMe Farms

Our family home in Amite, LA since 1908.  
Built by my great- grandfather for his new
bride.  My husband and I are the fourth
generation to live here and we work
continuously to renovate and remodel it
in a manner to maintain it's original
beauty, but to modernize it for more
comfortable living.  It is lovely and I feel
safe and happy and sleep very well here.  
Our hope is that one of our children will
move in here someday and keep this
lovely home in the family as long as
Pedigreed cats do not fit everyone's
taste or budget.  While we love our
precious designer kittens and think the
world is a better place with them in it,
if they are not for you, we always
recommend you look in your local
animal shelters.  You may find that
perfect companion pet there.  We have
adopted and loved so many pets from
shelters and that have been
abandoned.  And have loved them
dearly.  These animals deserve good
homes, also.
ResQMe Farms is proud of the fact that we
ONLY produce Purebred Pedigreed
Napoleons! All of our kittens will have a
minimum of three generations of Napoleon
Breed Group, Munchkin Breed Group, and/or
Persian Breed Group in their pedigree!

For more information on why this is so
important see our Pedigreed Napoleon
Breeders Page.
ResQMe Farms Cattery
Designer Kittens for Discriminating Owners
Napoleons Perfected